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Day Time Location Event
Sun 26th10.00amJubilee HallService - Rev Peter Dunn
Sun 26th4.00pmJubilee HallAlive Youth
Sun 26th6-7pmJubilee HallNite Church
Mon 27th1.30pmJohn Collie HallSteady as U Go
Mon 27th3.30-8.00pmJohn Collie HallGirls Brigade
Mon 27th7.30pm.Men & Mates
Tue 28th10.00amTanner RoomSmall Group - Tuesday
Tue 28th1.30pmJubilee HallB ellbirds Concert
Tue 28th2.30-3.30pmJohn Collie Hall"Chat Time"
Tue 28th7.00pmJubilee HallIndoor Bowls
Wed 29th10.00amJohn Collie HallExercise Group
Wed 29th4.45-9.00pmJohn Collie HallBoys Brigade
Thu 30th9.45amTanner RoomSmall Group - Thursday
Thu 30th10am -12noonJohn Collie HallMainly Music
Thu 30th1.30pmJohn Collie HallCard Games
Thu 30th7.30pmLeith StBaynes Small Group
Fri 31st10am-12pmTanner RoomSimply Scrumptious Stall
Fri 31st7.30-9.00pmJohn Collie HallAlpha Marriage Course
Sat 1st   
Sun 2nd10.00amJubilee HallService - Rev Peter Dunn
Sun 2nd4.00pmJubilee HallAlive Youth
Sun 2nd6-7pmJubilee HallNite Church
Mon 3rd1.30pmJohn Collie HallSteady as U Go
Mon 3rd3.30-8.00pmJohn Collie HallGirls Brigade
Mon 3rd7.30pm.Men & Mates
Tue 4th10.00amTanner RoomSmall Group - Tuesday
Tue 4th2.30-3.30pmJohn Collie Hall"Chat Time"
Tue 4th7.00pmJubilee HallIndoor Bowls
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Sunday Services at
Windsor Community Church

Minister: Rev Peter Dunn
Sunday 26th May 10.00am
Guest Speaker: Rev Peter Dunn
All welcome