15 th Invercargill Girls Brigade
What is Girls Brigade?
Girls' Brigade is a Christian, international, interdenominational organisation working alongside girls and young women in many countries.
Since our foundation in 1893, Girls' Brigade has become well known as a fun, interesting, challenging and relevant provider of activities, skills, care and Christian love for hundreds of thousands of young people.
Our programme features a variety of fun activities designed to educate, inspire and develop. It is run by trained Girls’ Brigade leaders with help from volunteer assistants. We enjoy crafts, outdoor and indoor games and activities, camps, and lots more!

The Programme
The Girls’ Brigade motto is “Seek, Serve and Follow Christ”.
In the Junior level, the first word of the motto is learnt, “Seek”.
The Junior Brigades’ programme is arranged around a five-pointed star. In the centre is God’s book (seeking to know Jesus better). The five points are:
  1. Journey – Seek to know more about God’s world
  2. Service – Seek to serve one’s neighbour
  3. Treasure – Seek to enjoy God’s gifts to us
  4. Activity – Seek to enjoy physical activities
  5. Responsibility – Seek to grow more responsible
In the Senior level the emphasis is on “service”. The aim is to widen girls’ knowledge and experiences in the whole of life, with service and loyalty to one another, to the church and most of all to God.

At Pioneer level, the emphasis is on “follow”, and developing their fourfold responsibility to their home, church, community and world.

Badges and Awards
Upon joining, girls are awarded a membership badge.
A work badge is awarded upon completion of a year’s programme: stars for juniors, circles for seniors and triangles at pioneer level.
A blue level bar is given for attendance, and if regularly attending a Christian education e.g. Sunday school or junior church, also a gold bar yearly.
Pioneers can earn a Brigader Brooch (the highest national award) and the Queens Award (the highest international award, requiring a special two-year programme).

Our Meeting Times
We meet at the Windsor Community Church halls (19 Windsor Street, Invercargill) on a Monday during school terms:
3.30pm–5.00pm Juniors (5-8 years, year 1-4)
6.30pm–8.00pm Seniors (9-12 years, year 5-8)
6.30pm–8.00pm Pioneers (13-18 years, year 9+)
Newcomers are welcome at all levels, throughout the year.
We have a facebook page!
The fees for 2019 are $85 per annum per girl. This can be paid in installments per term (1 of $25 and 3 of $20). From each fee $50 goes to our national movement. We also undertake fundraising, to help meet the costs of our programme. We wear a uniform, and supply girls with a zipped jersey to use during their time in Girls’ Brigade

Cindy Hayes (Captain) 2217017
Lynne Taylor (Junior Leader) 027 2177047
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