3rd Invercargill Boys Brigade

At Boys Brigade we revolve our programme around the National Award system and work hard to allow boys to work towards their Queens Badge, the highest award. We also try to make sure that all activities are completed in a safe environment yet providing boys with new challenges. Our starting day this year is Wednesday 15th February at the times indicated on the newsletter. We hope that the weather will be fine enough to run our first term outdoor programme.

Remember that we start and finish at the Windsor Community Church Hall unless otherwise advised. We wish to stress that we do need help with transport for all the outdoor activities planned for the first term and we ask parents for assistance and to join in on the fun planned. If there are any special instructions needed for the following week these will be given to the boys at the end of the night (not always on paper), so remember to ask your boys if they need to bring anything the following week.

We encourage boys to bring some friends on the outdoor activities in the hope that we may get some new members to join our group. So if you think that one or two friends may be interested in joining our group this year, please feel free to bring them along. We will make them most welcome. We are happy for you to copy our BB Newsletter and give them to friends.

Our group tries very hard in the area of outdoor activities and we include camps and tramps in our programme. At the Team Section level, we try to hold 2 camps during the year - one at the start and one at the end. These camps are almost always held at proper camp sites with indoor sleeping, cooking and recreational facilities. It is a good opportunity for parents to have a weekend away with their boys and doing some fun and challenging activities. We do need your help to make the camps a success. Our starting camp this year is at the Tautuku Adventure Camp 30th March – 1st April. Camp forms will be given out soon. This camp is a Southland wide combined camp for Boys Brigade and ICONZ units with a Commando theme. Leaders from our group will attend to look after our boys and we do hope that everyone will be able to attend.

For the Company Section, at this stage, we are planning a mountainbike camp in the Nevis Valley for all Company Section boys, on 24th – 25th March and 3 tramps. The Junior Tramp is for boys Year 7 - 9, the Senior tramp is for boys Year 10 up. Details of these will be given out a little later. The junior tramp planned will be in the Routeburn Track area on 11th - 13th May. The senior tramp is planned to be a 2 day tramp to Green Lake on 28th - 29th April. The last tramp will be possibly combined with Girls Brigade to the Luxmore Hut on the Kepler Track. This is planned for 21st – 22nd July and is aimed at our older boys. I hope that all boys can get to at least some of these events.

Our fees for the year have been set and are detailed in the Boys Brigade newsletter available on the Windsor Community Church website

David Gray

Boys Brigade meets Wednesday evenings during the school terms, contact the church office for more information.
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